Franchise Industry:-

Boasting a fourfold growth in the last seven years, the Indian franchise market has been estimated at a whopping USD 50.4 Billion today. And the success rate of this market is a humongous 85%. So needless to say, India is all set to become the next big hub for franchising.

Platform65: A Culinary Experience Like No Other

Our USP: Serving authentic and delicious delicacies on toy trains.

Having served over thousands of customers in just one year, Platform65 is one of India’s largest toy train-themed restaurants running today. Creativity and decadent flavors’ are the fuel to our eternal engine. So what’s next? We are now extending our brand outreach to entrepreneurs and restaurateurs all over India , looking for strategic partnerships. Backed with the highest quality of food standards and hygiene, our goal is to franchise this successful business opportunity to people who share our passion for hosting unique culinary experiences; people who can uphold our superior offerings to the foodies of the world, on a TOY TRAIN!

How it Works?

India is all grabs for creativity and something that gives customers an unforgettable experience. And that’s our USP. What gives us an edge over other eateries is our unique “food-being-served-on-a-train” concept. Platform65 is the ideal venue for celebrations, surprise birthday parties, or even a simple family gathering.

Be it the birthday celebration of an 8-year-old or an 80-year-old; our restaurant has something in store for every age group.

Moreover, considering the current pandemic, Platform65 boasts hygiene measures of the highest level. Thanks to our unique concept, we follow a contact-less delivery system, wherein the food is served on a train, eliminating the unnecessary human contact via servers. We are thrilled to extend our franchise to those who are ready to be a part of the new normal and adhere to our set standards of sanitization and safety protocols.


Why Platform65?

Food being served on a moving toy-train seemed like a dream; we made it happen!

People today don’t just visit a restaurant to curb their craving for delicious food. They are looking for an experience. Appetizing food backed by a hint of creativity. Keeping this in mind, we thought it’s time to introduce India to a unique themed culinary concept. With a niche in North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Tandoori cuisines, Platform65 boasts not only an innovative toy-train theme but mouthwatering food as well.

Benefits of Partnering/Franchising with Platform65

  • ⬤ Great opportunity to own your business
  • ⬤ Expert guidance from our professionals that includes a specially curated training program for your staff & support
  • ⬤ Access to our secret and authentic recipes

Join the Platform65 Family

Partner with one of the top growing theme-based restaurant chains in India and transform the landscape of the food industry.
Franchise Models Offered by Platform65

There’s something in store for every restaurateur and entrepreneur who partners with us. Our lucrative and flexible franchise models are relatively simple and equally rewarding.

● FOCO – Franchise Owned, Company Operated
According to the bylaws of this model, only a fixed amount is to be paid by the investors to the brand. In this model of operations, the franchise will be owned by Partner. However; Platform65 will handle the operations with regular reporting on the performance of the business.

● FOFO – Franchise Owned, Franchise Operated
Typically, in a FOFO model, the company rents out the name to the franchise, in this case, “Platform65”, for a non-refundable amount and for a pre-agreed time period. The biggest upside of opting this model for operations is that you’ll be the owner of the process and operations. However, you’ll be required to pay a percentage share of the revenue to Platform65.

To know more about our offerings and the benefits you can gain by partnering with us, fill below form and our team will get in touch with you.